bloggin 9 till 5, wat a way to make a livin

i always imagine carles on the freeway in a convertable on a sunny day wearin sunglasses and singin 'bloggin 9 till 5, wat a way to make a livin' while tweetin

for two hours after i woke up i looked at the wiki entries for different types of execution.

death by elephant sounded pretty bad but probably the least painful and most of 'an experience'. i also think 'death by elephant' would be a nice band name

death by being deep friend sounded that worst because you don't die until your muscles start melting or something

there is also one where they put you inside a hollow bronze bull which is placed over a large fire and you roast to death

i got on the top of a double decker yellow bus today. it didn't move at the stop for a bit and i saw a greying woman with her greying husband wearing a grey jumper and it looked like she was wearin one of those 'cone bras' from the 50s and i thought 'sweet tits' then kept thinking 'sweet tits' every time someone got on the bus.

lately i've been seein lots of guys [16 to 'my age'] wearin chinos. i think topman started stocking them 'seriously' about 6-12 months ago. when i see someone in chinos i think 'chinos guy'. i think i think that about twenty times a day. i saw a group of 5 guys wearin chinos once and thought 'chinos guys' and grinned

talking on the phone to nice ppl feels kind of like when you bump into a stanger on the street and you both grin at each other and its a nice moment that maybe makes you smile to yourself a few minutes later. i think i had a lot of those today but with peoples voices.

there's a girl at work whose name sound like 'emar'. if i dated her i think ppl would call us 'emar and omar' probably.

also, this morning when i woke up it looked bright and cold and the trees looked really good out my window

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